Prachi Desai: I deserve better

Prachi Desai in sexy black

Prachi Desai: I deserve better It’s drilled into an entertainment journalist’s head that celebrities that we meet can’t ever really be our friend. But Bollywood’s rising star Prachi Desai makes you want to doubt that theory. Well, almost. Billed as Bollywood’s preferred star for girl-next-door roles, her responses are artless and makes her seem far less synthetic than her peers. It’s almost as if this Bollywood equivalent of Katherine Heigl has no agenda up her sleeve other than to have a heart-to-heart chat. “Personally, I think I deserve better,” said…

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Prachi Desai: I am lucky

prachi desai bol bachchan

Prachi Desai: I am lucky We know her best as the sari-clad, dutiful wife and daughter-in-law on a daily soap or the dancing diva on a reality show. Surprisingly, Prachi Desai does have a link with the visual arts. “Both, my father and uncle have worked in several plays. My uncle, Mahesh still does theatre. But, I myself did not have any exposure to it during my childhood,” says the Gujarat-born Prachi. That is, until out of curiosity, she auditioned for a popular production house’s new serial. She was then…

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