John Abraham inspires Prachi Desai to get fit

Prachi Desai, John Abraham

John Abraham inspires Prachi Desai to get fit
John has inspired several of his co-stars to get into shape. And the latest to join the fitness bandwagon is his I Me Aur Main co-star Prachi Desai.

During the shoot, the actor took complete charge of Prachi’s diet and fitness regimen and ensured that she followed it. Prachi says, “When I’m shooting, food is the last thing on my mind. I go for hours without eating. John observed me for the first few days and said there was a sudden drop in my energy level by late afternoon, because I wasn’t eating right. Also, the gym routine was not right for me. Following his advice, I switched to power yoga and freehand exercises and ate small portions every two hours. This instantly boosted my energy and also made my body leaner. John never misses his workouts and sticks to a diet chart. Seeing his dedication, I got inspired as well.”

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Producer Goldie Behl agrees, “John is very disciplined when it comes to fitness. Everyone on the sets, including Prachi, was inspired by his dedication.”

I, Me Aur Main, produced by Reliance Entertainment, Rose Movies and Pollen Entertainment, releases March 1.

John Abrahm’s Fitnes
Rigorous workouts, strict diet plan and a super charming smile are some of the attributes of this amazing actor. With a physique to die for, John Abraham truly is a fitness inspiration for the youth.

Broad bulky shoulders, strong biceps, six-pack abs and muscular legs; John Abraham has got it all! The credit for his extremely fit physique goes to his dedication and sheer passion for maintaining his body. John Abraham loves to work out and hitting the gym is like a child’s play for him.

The actor believes in dividing his workout sessions between two muscle groups – major and minor. He focuses on two body parts in a day. John Abraham exercises at least four times a week and also takes rest twice a week. His days are divided into chest and triceps, back and abs, cardio and abs, legs, and shoulders and biceps.

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John Abraham’s entire workout plan basically involves cycling, running, exercises with dumbbells, crunches, leg raises, squats and lunges. So now we know that John Abraham has an extraordinary physique through some ordinary exercises but of course a lot of effort goes into it. Truly inspirational!
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