Prachi Desai : I Me Aur Main will make men value women

I Me Aur Main, Prachi Desai, John Abraham 2013

Prachi Desai : I Me Aur Main will make men value women
Actress Prachi Desai, who will be seen in I Me Aur Main, says men will be able to relate to John Abraham’s character in the film which will eventually lead them to valuing women in their lives.

“It is a kind of character which every man, every boy in our country is going to relate to. In general, there is a certain characteristic in all of them, they generally don’t grow up that fast and because of that somebody is very self-centred, somebody is very selfish,” the 24-year-old said in an interview.

“So, all these things, I think are very relatable. It’s about Ishaan (John’s character) but at the same time there is so much about women in the film. I think when you will watch the film, you will start valuing us a little more,” she added.

Directed by Kapil Sharma, I, Me aur Main also features Chitrangada Singh and hits theatres on March 1.
18 Feb 2013 – Indo-Asian News Service

Review: I, Me Aur Main
John Abraham is surrounded by women; all the time. That’s true in real life as well, but let’s just talk about his (not as enviable) situation in debutant director Kapil Sharma’sI, Me Aur Mainfor now.

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Mother, sister, girlfriend, boss, friend—all the key people in his life on the reel are women. So you’d think he’d be an ace at handling them, but…then we wouldn’t have a movie about it, would we?

Abraham’s character Ishaan is a self-centered, spoilt brat. He’s been brought up since childhood by his mother (Zarina Wahab) to believe that no matter what, he is the best; indulged through the years by his sister (Mini Mathur), who’s always covered his tracks for him; humoured by his boss (Raima Sen) at the music label company where he works; fawned over by singers desperate for their big break; and tolerated by his hot, successful corporate lawyer girlfriend, Anushka (Chitrangada Singh).
March 02, 2013

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