Prachi Desai: I am lucky

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Prachi Desai: I am lucky
We know her best as the sari-clad, dutiful wife and daughter-in-law on a daily soap or the dancing diva on a reality show.

Surprisingly, Prachi Desai does have a link with the visual arts. “Both, my father and uncle have worked in several plays. My uncle, Mahesh still does theatre. But, I myself did not have any exposure to it during my childhood,” says the Gujarat-born Prachi.

That is, until out of curiosity, she auditioned for a popular production house’s new serial. She was then appearing for her Grade XII examinations. Surprisingly, she was selected, and could not take her examinations. The rest of course, is history. But Prachi does long for the zest, joy and energy of college life. “I miss going to college, the movies, hanging out with friends, bunking classes et al,” she says.

Her on screen character, Bani and she do share a lot in common. “I am also very shy, quiet at times and independent, like Bani.” Differences? “Age.” Prachi does not fear getting caught in an ‘image trap’. “What Bani has given me is huge. Whatever I am today, is largely due to Bani. At the same time, my acting abilities are strong enough to prevent me from getting caught in an image trap.”

For someone who is not yet 20 years, how was it like to play mom? “I am fortunate enough,” she says. But was she not quoted as saying that she did not like it? “It’s true that I did say that. However, if the role demands that I do something different, I would have no qualms in doing so,” she says firmly. Which also makes one ask her about leaps in soaps. Does she believe in them? “It does not matter whether I believe in them or not. The audiences love the change. And because of that, the show grows. And that’s the bottomline,” she says tongue-firmly-in-cheek.

But, the biggest grapevine centering around Prachi is her appearance in a film which, for the first time will have Farhan Akhtar in front of the camera (in Rock On), instead of being behind it. “I am extremely excited and nervous. But, I consider myself extremely fortunate too, since my first movie would be opposite a person, who is himself appearing before the camera for the first time.”

But, would the transition from 35 mm to 70 mm be a smooth ride? “I wouldn’t know that until I experience it first hand,” she says in a matter-of-fact manner.

Prachi is a true-blue Gujarati. “I belong to a traditional Anavil family from Surat. Though I stayed at Surat only for four years, my Gujarati traits have not been lost. I want to come to the state. Unfortunately, I am not able to find an opportunity. But, I will come one day.”
Rajat Ghai, Dec 9, 2007 – TNN

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