Prachi Desai wears red saree

Prachi Desai wears red saree

Prachi Desai wears red saree
Trying to pick up the right saree to wear at different parties or wedding occasions, isn’t much sorted for women, they never find it easier to pick the right saree to drape for occasions like weddings, parties or the casually, etc.

Draping a saree for many women in India is well known but the different appealing styles to drape a simple saree bringing a fascinating look is something all women will find interesting.

There are numerous ways to drape up a saree in styles and concepts of a specific theme dressing, Saree draping can be very fun.

The basic draping up of a saree is also very easy, below is a detailed explanation of basic style saree draping before we start different unique styles of occasion-based draping a saree.

The basic requirements to drape a saree:
Saree: A long 6yard drape one-piece fabric to wrap around the body. If you need a sarees then visit G3fashion.
Blouse: The essential need for saree, top wear which is almost like a crop top but in well-fitting. Need Readymade blouse then check our Readymade blouse Collection.
Petticoat: Worn as bottom wear in a long inner skirt serving to carry the drape firmly. You can also Buy petticoat with purchasing any saree.

Tips to remember before draping Saree.
⥰ Always wear your petticoat firmly at the waist, so that the saree is tucked in properly without falling off.
⥰ Always put on Heals, or any footwear you desire to wear along with the saree before you start draping up, as this brings the perfect length draped around the body.
⥰ Use safety pins or clips to pin up pleats and sections where the drape is required to be fixed.

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Basic Saree Drape steps
➀ Take the saree end from the top edge, tuck it in the petticoat starting from the right side of your waist across your left waist.
➁ From the left hand bring the drape around your waist from the back to the center front tucking it in.
➂ Now you will need to make 6-8 of 5-6 inches pleats of the remaining drape at the center and tuck it in the petticoat, facing pleats to the left.
➃ Bring the open drape across your back to your front from the right side, without tucking it. You can pin up the pleats at the center for it to be in the center position and tuck the drape edge till your left side waist.
➄ Now hold up the width (pallu) section and make pleats incomplete width in 5-6 inches, making sure the border falls on the first pleat to drape it on the shoulder.
➅ Hold the pleats in vertical and bring the drape fall from beneath the right armhole, pulling it up towards and across your left shoulder.
➅ Place the pleats properly on your left shoulder by keeping at least a meter length fall down from the shoulder point, and pin it in place to fix it.
You are ready to flaunt around in the saree attire looking gorgeous. Moving on to saree drapes for special occasions, which all use the beginning steps of the basic drape.

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