Prachi’s(Bani) Dream Date

Prachi Desai looks

Mom for work, friends for fun!

My favourite destination near Mumbai
Pune. My sister studies there and whenever I get a chance I make sure I drive down to Pune. I also like Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar because I studied there for 10 years and I love going back to those places.

My favourite faraway destination
For shopping it has to be Bangkok and Dubai. I was recently shooting in Cape Town and I think it’s a very beautiful place. I also like New Jersey because my aunt and uncle live there and whenever I go there I have a really good time.

My dream destination
Egypt and Japan because I am really fascinated by the cultures of these two countries. I have heard that Greece is also beautiful, although now it has become the cliched destination for all honeymooning couples (laughs). And how far is Mauritius from Mumbai? I really want to go there too.

My favourite travel companion
If it’s work then I like travelling with my mom. If it’s fun, then it’s my friends. I went to Bali and New York with my friends and it was great fun.

Five things I must take with me on a holiday
Phone, camera, sunscreen (can’t do without it!), cash or credit card and extra bags to carry back all the shopping!

I love travelling by
For two-and-a-half years, I haven’t travelled by train and I do miss it. Road journeys are good fun and enjoyable, but take up a lot of time. And sitting in a plane for those long haul flights that take 19-20 hours is killing.

If it’s one night in Paris, my dream date would be…
Aah! That’s a really tough one. If it’s Bani from Kasamh Se, then she will say it’s Jai Walia. If it’s Sakshi from Rock On!!, then she will say it’s Farhan Akhtar. And if it’s Prachi Desai, then she will say Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham. Actually the list is endless!
2009 – kasamh se

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