Prachi Desai: Boys should be locked at home post 9 pm

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Prachi Desai: Boys should be locked at home post 9 pm
TNN | Feb 12, 2013

prachi desai, bollywood star Prachi Desai believes that education plays an important role in decreasing the crime rate of rape in the country. However, she claims that guys should be locked at home and not girls.

On being asked about her opinion of the current situation in the country and the Delhi rape case which took the entire country by storm, Prachi claimed that boys should change. “Education plays a very important role and upbringing is also an important thing to stop rapes in India,” she said.

“I guess the more restrictions you have we tend to do such things. I am shocked that the rapists were aware that they will be punished for the crime and yet they did it. How can you be so cruel and forget humanity.” She added.

While emphasizing on the education in the country, she said, “I don’t think someone well educated will do something like this. Everybody needs to be educated in the country.”

“The way girls are seen when they go out in India and in abroad, there is lot of difference. I think not girls, but boys should be locked at home after 9 pm till the time the promise to improve as humans,” concluded the actress.


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